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Danielle Bonczkowski


Danielle Bonczkowski

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_color=”%23212121″]My whole life has been filled with communion with the Divine. As I child I often saw spirits, communicated with non-physical entities, and lived in a world filled with magic. I was raised in an environment that fostered self-exploration, fantasy, imagination, and intelligence. Growing up I was always told by my father that if I wanted to pick a religion I need to go to the library and study all religions before choosing. My dad always wanted a well-rounded daughter and that is certainly who I became. At 16 years old I truly began the lifelong journey of communicating with the spirit world when my last life showed herself to me. I was doing laundry and suddenly a spirit is standing in front of me. I began searching through old poetry and came across a word that struck me as her name. When I said it out loud tears were already running down my face. Months after this experience I started attempting self-hypnosis only to find that every time I would remember something the same scene would change. In my confusion I moved away from self-hypnosis in effort to study as much of the occult and spiritual world as I possibly could. This same year I found a Wiccan shop that, in the years to come, would be a safe haven and a school for Reiki.

As I got older I began to dip my toes into as much knowledge as I could. I attended various healing events, learned about new modalities, and attempted to find solid ground between the world I was cultivating and the one around me. At 18 I went to a yoga and Kirtan festival where I met a Theta Healer. She brought me to a foundational awareness of who I am and the gifts I came to this world with. Months after we talked my dreams and visions increased dramatically. While I have always had prophetic dreams, now those dreams were expanding as my life was drastically changing.

Shortly after this experience I started researching energy work modalities that I could take classes in. I ended up learning Reiki from the Wiccan shop that became my second home. Reiki gave me words, symbols, and a foundation for what I already knew was happening. Almost a year of classes and I finally had my Master attunement. A few mothers after becoming a Reiki Master I went backpacking for 9 months wherein I learned much about being a healer and providing my services to the larger community. As I connected more with my guides, the Ascended Masters, my spirit animals, and the spirit world as a whole. My channeling and psychic abilities increased, as well as my communication with my higher self.

Two months after returning home from backpacking I did 6 1/2 hours of Hypnotherapy. Two weeks after my session I took my first Vipassana course. Learning about myself from such intense capacities further inspired interest in practical spirituality. I realized that I act as a bridge between the spirit and physical realms. I want to connect, express, and expand the knowledge of the Galactic and Ancient worlds with the modern paradigm. As a visionary I am always looking into the future; and as a channel and empath I am always receiving information.

I am still studying and learning as much as I can about the healing arts. Many of my gifts are intuitive and are stored within my genetic codes. I love to provide space, share, make art, and bring healing into anything I can. There is so much I want to bring to this world! I have plans to become certified in Akashic Records Reading, Hypnotherapy, Astrology, and Plant Medicines. My ultimate dream is to create Permaculture Retreat Centers all across the world.[/text_block]

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