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Joanna Whitney


Joanna Whitney

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I hold my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY 1985 and my Masters of Fine Arts in Integrated Electronic Arts, RPI, Troy, NY 1994.

I took an Intuitive Painting class in 1989, and have developed my psychic ability through application of that technique in many mediums.

I began doing psychic drawings with readings in 2011, doing readings online through ebay and etsy sales. In 2015, I discovered a way to make talisman using visual symbols to speak to the subconscious mind to bring about Spiritual change that manifests in the physical realm. I combined them with my psychic drawings – coining a spiritualist term “Auragraphs”. I created my own Oracle Deck to focus the reading.

I began doing psychic fairs in Denver, CO doing Auragraphs with Oracle Readings and Talismans in 2017.

I continue to do these online through email and at psychic fairs and one-on-one either face-to-face or on zoom, or email.


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